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Domestic House Rewire in Colchester & Essex

Every year we undertake dozens of house rewires every year, be it studio flat or 1,2,3,4,5+ bedroom houses. There is no hiding the fact that a domestic rewire is the single most invasive job we carry out as electricians. It requires floorboards to be lifted for cable routing, walls to be chased, power to be out for periods of time and a lot of dust. A rewire is usually carried out when it deemed that the electrical installation is either no longer safe for client use or it is nearing end of life and clients want to upgrade. 

So what is a House Rewire?

Carrying out a rewire involves replacing part or all of the fixed wiring (every cable) in the property. In most property all sockets, switches and lights would be removed, cables removed, then new cables run to them. Then when all cables are successfully replaced, we would install new sockets, switches and light fittings. A new consumer unit would be installed, and the installation would be tested

How long does a House Rewire take?

A house rewire is not a small and speedy job, however as we have carried out so many rewires across Essex over the years we are as efficient as they come. So how long does a house rewire really take, we have put together a rough guide to help you understand better:

Property Size Estimated Completion Time
Studio / 1 Bed Flat
2 - 3 Days
2 - 3 Bed Flat
2 - 4 Days
2 Bed House
2 - 4 Days
3 Bed House
3 - 5 Days
4 Bed House
4 - 6 Days
5 Bed House
5 - 8 Days
Larger Properties

Rewire Options

Realistically there are only two options for a house rewire and they are below: 

• Option 1 – Full Chase Rewire:
Definitely the most invasive option for a rewire but with the best visually looking final outcome. All cables to supply socket and switches would be chased into the walls. Socket and switch back boxes would also be chased into the walls to allow the final look of flush with the wall fitting. The option will be requiring filling or plastering by the client to make good the chasing work required. See below to understand the level of chasing required


• Option 2 – Full Trunking Rewire:
All full trunking house rewires eliminate the need to chase walls. The benefit of a full trunking rewire is the need for making good is in most case completely eliminated. AS with all rewires, all cables to sockets, switches and lights would be replaced and a new consumer unit installed but all cables would be concealed in surface mounted trunking or conduit. it depends on individual circumstances but this is not a very popular option. 

What do you get at the end of a House Rewire?

On completion of a part or full domestic premises rewire we will perform tests on all of the new circuits. We will add the test results to a test certificate and carry out a number of inspections to confirm compliance with BS:7671 (the regulations). The certificate is called and Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and should be completed for all new installations. A copy of this will be issued to the client and stay on our file. We will also issue a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate and through our digital portal we will notify the local authority that the work has been carried out and complied with current building regulations. There is nothing for the client to do after this point with regards to compliance.

If you are building an extension or have a planning permission project the certificate should accompany your completion documents to the local authority at the sign off stage.  

So what does a house rewire cost?

Pricing a full or part house rewire is a complex task, but we like to be as transparent with our clients as possible. We have taken the time to construct a full house rewire cost calculator. The price you get from our calculator will undoubtedly be very close to the actual price. Please understand that all properties are different, and some have greater obstacles than others when running cables, so these prices are indicative until a site visit is completed.   


Highly Qualified and Experienced

Crucially, our electricians are highly skilled and professional.  With decades of experience and industry know-how under our belts, you can be confident of a job done properly.  We boast relevant qualifications, such as City & Guilds 2391 Inspection & Testing, and are also NAPIT approved, for added peace of mind.

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